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Noby Mendez's CV is a story that only music can write
The son of the well-known Guaracheros Humberto Esteban Méndez Alfonso, Noby Méndez
was born in the Cuban city of Matanzas - the city of Rumbas. The music was put into the
cradle of the little boy. Early on he made his first own instruments and before he could
really walk he danced to the ubiquitous music in his parents' house.
Still, it didn't look like an artistic career at all for a long time. How should it be, in a strict
communist country that is not exactly known for self-fulfillment and personal development.
But there was something else slumbering: In addition to his musical talent, Noby showed an
enormous talent in sports, and so he was accepted into a state sports promotion program at
the age of only five. He took part in world championships in gymnastics, almost became a
Cuban master in taekwondo and was able to celebrate remarkable sporting successes.
Shortly before the turn of the millennium Noby Méndez hired as an acrobat in the national
circus of Cuba, went on tour with it and thus discovered the big wide world for the first
time. The tour led to Europe, where Noby sensed his chance to pursue the long-cherished
dream of a musician career.
He wanted to use this opportunity. In 2000 he moved to Switzerland for love and while he
was afloat with various jobs and learned German, he completed a degree in sports in
Magglingen. With the security gained, he was able to devote more of his great passion -
After various appearances in Latino and Hip Hop formations, it was quickly time for the next
chapter of his film-ready biography: Noby Méndez began to write and record his own songs.
Soon the first Latino radios started to get interested in him and Noby Méndez was allowed
to do interviews for stations from the cathedral. Dominican Republic, Cuba and Canada. his
singles „Báilalo“ and the EDM touched „One More Time“ are running on hot rotation on
several radio stations. „Báilalo“ was even on top of the Sunshine Radio listener charts for
four weeks in a row and „One More Time“ is scheduled in several Swiss and international
radio stations.
At the live concerts Noby sweeps the audience with his incredible energy and knows there
too how to use his sporting talent. So it can happen that the singer throws a "backward"
somersault on the floor in addition to his "normal" dance moves to cheer the audience on.
Despite having seen so much, Noby Mendez is just getting started. He combines the bite
and will of the really great artists with the energy and hunger of a “young wild one”.

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